Best air conditioner in India 

We have listed the air conditioner brands largely available in India depending upon the technology used, superior workmanship, star ratings, innovation and world standing. The ranking is on technical aspects only and not on price. The more superior the product the more the price. It is also based on experience and use of the products over a long period and feedback from customers.

Hitachi Air Conditioners *****

Why choose Hitachi Air conditioners as the best AC brand?

Hitachi has the best efficient air conditioners in the market. BEE rates most of their products 4 stars and 5 stars.

Regarding innovation Hitachi launched the first Side Throw AC , the first Hi Wall Mounted Split AC  and  the first Ceiling Mounted Split AC. Most of Hitachi ACs  are having highest Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) in its category

The sound level is much more lower (34dB) in Hitachi air conditioners, far lower than other manufacturers.

Carrier air conditioners ****

Why choose Carrier Air conditioners?

Founded in 1915, carrier is the inventor of modern air-conditioning and has developed itself into being the world’s largest provider of air-conditioning, heating and commercial refrigeration systems (HVACR)

Carrier is also one of the first to adopt the energy efficiency label issued by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)

Awarded the First prize for energy conservation in Consumer Goods Sector in 2007 & 2008 by the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India

Like Hitachi most of Carrier ACs  are having highest Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) in its category

Panasonic / LG / Voltas air conditioners ***

Panasonic has launched many new models recently. Being a Japanese company the products are of very high Quality.

LG has been in Indian market for quiet a long time and has good market share in Indian air conditioning market.

Voltas a Tata product is a known name in India, but they do not have much high stars rated AC’s as compared to carrier and Hitachi

Samsung / Electrolux / Whirlpool air conditioners**

These are consumer electronics companies and do not have a focus on a single product. They offer entire range of home electronics. The products are generally sourced from other OEM’s, and they do not have an edge as compared to carrier and Hitachi.


162 comments to Best air conditioner in India

  • im planning to buy a 5 star rated 1.5ton split ac…
    i wanna know that if we use ac in rainy season wat type of air it will release (dry or dose it contain moisture) nd wat about sharp ac is it a good brand in ac

  • Ashish

    You must go for Sharp Ac’s because of 3 main reasons:
    1. PCI ( Plasmacluster Ion Generator ) patented technology is good for health as it deactivates airborne viruses from air. Also patients suffering from Asthama wont find uncomfortable sitting in ac for long hours. Bad odors from room vanishes within few mins.

    2. Inverter bases technology (More than 5 star rating)
    You can save cost upto 50.3% of your electricity bill. It is the customer feedback who are using sharp ac. ( As per research )

    3. Japanese technology is efficient than Indian and Korean brands. ( Dont kill me I’m Indian too but fact is fact :P )

    If you are comparing LG, Samsung, Carrier, Voltas etc (Korean & Indian ) with Sharp and other Japanese brands then cost wise you’ll go for Korean or Indian but for efficiency and quality, I highly recommend you to go for Sharp.

    If you need any more info, Feel free to contact me on this forum Ashish

    • Priti

      Is sharp Inverter ac of 1.1 Tons good??

      • vikrant

        yes 1.1 ton ac is very good model you can use this ac up to 170 sft due this tecnology. and you can save 1500 to 2000 rs per month due to its invertor technology and its have very good feature called pci (plasma-cluster ion generator) it is very good for health, this feature is far better then filters, doctor virus and other which is provided by other brands and its have conda airflow due to this feature u can sit and sleep under the ac more than 10 hrs because air doesn’t touch to your body it is very good for children, women and old age person.

    • The Investigator

      Dear Ashish,

      Good day to you,

      I am very curious to read your comments.I am from south India .The main reason for noting your thread is that – a vast majority of people don’t consider about the technology “Giant” SHARP ,Japan.Even in middle east they are not aggressive in marketing or advertisements (the attitude is if you want buy our products , if not dont).To my opinion they are very conservative and keeps a low profile at the same time very refined.

      Now to you I have few questions

      A)Air Conditioners

      Now to you I have few questions

      1)My budget is 30-35K maximum for bedroom .How much tonnage is required ?

      2)I only prefer Japanese manufacturers based on their efficiency and longevity compared to the Korean “marketing” mass people and market share .

      So , I prefer

      a)Mitsubishi Electric /OE General
      b)Panasonic /Daikin
      c)Sharp (I am asthmatic/allergic -Plasma cluster will help!!)

      I prefer durable products and not changing according to technology or trends.

      This was about Air conditioner

      B)SWITCHES for Home

      I plan to buy ORIS by Larsen and Tubro .Our Distribution Board is of L&T and Hager.

      Can you check the opinion on ORIS ,in terms of performance and not on mass market appeal .

      Thanks you for your attention

      Awaiting your “candid” comments.

      Best regards

  • Be-Cool Expert

    Air conditioners (Split/ Window) are judged on star rating of Bureau of Energy Efficiency. More the stars more will be the savings. ACs installed with latest scroll technology compressor with five star rating is the best option available in the market. The proven technology in commercial sector-Copeland Scroll is now available with 2 TR spilt air conditioners.

    In fact, all five star rated air conditioners are energy efficient irrespective of any brand.

  • Dinesh Suna

    I have recently (2 months ago)bought a SHARP Split AC 1.5 ton, 3 star. I am quite satisfied with its performance. Even though its a 3 star, it uses maximum upto 1700 watt electricity as compared to other brands of 1.5 ton, 3 star upto 1900 watt. so its as good as a 5 star one. mine is not a inverter technology based one. Besides, SHARP is the only AC in Delhi at least, who is offering an emi for 2 years @ Rs.1000/- and the down payment is only about Rs.7K. All others give EMI for a maximum period of 6 months, there by your EMI is averaged at Rs.3,500/- and DP is about Rs.10,000/- . I also got free stabiliser and installations. So its a win-win situation.

    And Gaurav u can use AC in rainy season too. SHARP has a ‘dry mode’ which will suck the moisture/humidity from the room in minutes and when u use a ceiling fan along with ‘dry mode’ it will be very comfortable. it saves the electricity to almost half…as compared to running the AC in ‘cool mode’

    Go for SHARP invertor technology or regular one. you will not regret.

    Dinesh Suna

  • Anubhav

    Hey guyes. Someone suggested me Sharp 1.5 Split AC. Model no AU-A18LMT. I will cost me arround 29,000 INR. Should I go for it? Please advice.

    • Dinesh Suna

      Hi anubhav,
      I was referring to the same model AU-A18LMT sharp split AC (1.5 ton). I had bought it for Rs.31,000/- with free installation and stabiliser. Its a very good buy. performance is also very good. So I would say, Go for it 1

      Dinesh Suna

  • M. Krishnan

    I got a daikin make split type AC ( Model – FT50GV16- 1.5 TR 5 STAR)in my bedroom. As compared to a Hitachi unit used in my office, cooling wise Daikin is just chilling. Its completely salient and electric consumption is very low. Some of my fnds r using carrier, voltas and LG. They have also rated Daikin as best after experiencing my machine. I would love to recommend all buyers to go 4 this brand. In kolkata cost wise its only 35K…not too much as LG, Samsung, Voltas n most of the brands r offering Aluminum condenser(can last for max 3-4 yrs and most of the cases after 6 months to 1 yr, leakage problem occurs as kolkata climet is too humid)product @ 28 to 30 K. I feel, any sensible buyers will pay 5 k more for hassle free service with most advance technology. Hitachi – used to be a good product now a days also degraded its quality and also spare parts is commonly not available. I m facing tremendous problem related to the office AC.

  • Rajiv Gupta

    In context on Mr. Krishan’s review, i m fully supportive to the brand Daikin. They r the World No 1 air conditioning company at this moment. The products r industry best. I have a centralized system installed in my bungalow. After using it for two yrs., i can write cooling is superb, electricity consumption is lower than my expectation. After sales service is also very prompt. I recommend all the AC buyers to go for Daikin.

  • OniMan

    Onida AC is the best AC in the world

  • rakesh


  • Pawan Mishra

    I want to purchase split ac for my office, now inverter ac intruduced in market and i just want to know that What is the basic differece between Inverter ac and ***** star rating ac, because there is 10,000/- between both.

    • vispi

      Pawan, basically BEE rating of 5 star is granted to normal AC without inverter if it has COP/EER of 3.5 something, but as per BEE inverter based AC it is not necessary to be star rated as inverter based ac are more energy efficient than star rated ac, so u calculate EER by cooling capacity divided by input watts. It must be above 3.25, next method is total BTU generated i.e. 1ton equals 12000, 1.5ton equals 18000 divide it by total power input watts. If it is more than 10, it is energy efficient. I think this will suffice u.

  • ASP

    Name is not everthing…!!

    Hitachi Quadricool 1 ton has given us really lots of problems.

    I bought the AC for Rs. 22k odd. The remote stopped working, remote is one of the most expensive (compared to other brands) to replace as well. Then the filmsy plastic front panel broke.
    The horizontal bottom lid cover also doesnt work and has developed a play within 2 years. The swing stopped working a month back. Multiple times within short period the AC had to be charged with gas. What good is quiet if it doesnt cool enough. My bedroom size is 8x10ft. with proper insulation as well.

    My service people say mine is not an isolated experience. Many Hitachi customers
    were happy initially but had to face similar problems like me.

    I therefore after extensive research and actual experience recommended my cousin for an Onida Tracy 1.5 ton split ac for his 9×12 living room and it works wonderful and is also a 5-star rated ac. Onida guys also make 1 ton models. I guess the TRC class of ACs from onida are as good and efficient compared to DAIKIN and PANASONIC or TOSHIBA or MITSUBISHI.

    In India OGeneral is the most respected brand otherwise, even better than Hitachi.

    Best of luck to everyone buying new acs. Do prefer split acs over window ones as spits are real quiet and are probably a bit more EE in general than the window counterparts. Dont forget that afternoon sun, wind directions, installation etc. will all matter and must be considered before a sound decision is made.


    I am already using SAMSUNG window 1.5t A/C in my bed room and I am satified with its services.

    Now I want to purchase Sharp window 1.5t A/C for domestic purpose.

    Pl.advise .

  • vispi

    I bought Onida tracy 1.5 tons split a.c. tracy precool model, after researching for 3 months, it is one of the best priced, after sales service and energy efficient. There r many other a.c. brands, with their unique features, used as marketing tools, but I think Onida best suits and understand indian weather conditions, It has proved to be energy efficient, for u all reference . I list all ac brands with adjective. Hitachi-costly, carrier-horrible service, Panasonic-celestially priced, kenstar ,haeir-low priced but costly energy wise, lg, Samsung-high claims low performance, still if u want to spend more u can go for hitachi, but logic is economy, so u can bet on Onida, and this review is without any bias or prejudice. And yeah pls. Remember star rating criteria has changed, presently all 5 star ac can be considered as 4 star for further clarification refer bee site for reference and then buy ac.

    • bdb

      I fully endorse the views of vispi in so far as the performance of Onida a/c is concerned. I had installed one 1.5 ton last year, and had installed it at the top floor of my house where the room gets the full blast of peak summer and would otherwise make it next to impossible for anyone to sit there for more than 3-4 minutes with a ceiling fan on. Our Onida a/c makes the room absolutely comfortable within 5 minutes (at 22 with swing on). I can claim that chilling efficiency of Onida is one of the best. Those planning to buy an a/c must give Onida a serious ‘look’ rather than the other much ‘hyped’ brands…….it has given me a trouble free service and an excellent after sale service………..

  • Pushpender

    Hi i buy llyod 1.5ton with 3star split ac .It service is super with 5year warrantey only cost 26,600 with installation and stalibser.LLYOD AC BEST FOREVER

  • micky

    o general is best

  • Siva

    Bluestar is the THE BEST air conditioner it also in Room Air conditioning.

    Initial Cost is just high, but more Power savings and also it is having
    Ultimate I FEEL function Superb yaar.

    i will advise u buy BLUESTAR Products.

  • varun


    I live in himachal and am looking for a good AC (1.5-2ton) with cooling and heating option. What do u guys recommend. is voltas all weather 2s platinum any good. Does Daikin and Hitachi do any all weather Acs? price is not an issue, I am looking for usage economy and quality. thanx in advance


    • Pratik

      Go for Mitshubshi or Daikin R410 models its good in terms its Eco-Friendly nd these are the good Brands if Budget is not an Issue

  • SS

    I am planning to buy a split AC 1 TR capacity, 5 start rating. There are few websites where I have seen a brand named ARVIN, which is an europen brand as they state. This is available at very competitive proice as compared to any other brand. They have launched the product in India in 2011-12 only and currently has presence in North India, Himachal, punjab, Hariyana etc and they are planning for PAN India presence in current year. Do any one has experience of using an ARVIN Split Ac. I am from Mumbai and currently ARVIN does not have a dealer in Mumbai though they have few service centers.

    Thanks for reading

  • Rajiv

    Hi Varun,
    Daikin would be the right choice as they have both heating and cooling. Buy the Inverter type which is the most efficient and consumes the least energy. What with the constant increase in power rates in India.
    I have just fitted a FTKD50FVM 1.5 Ton cooling type and am happy with it. So quiet!

  • Mickey

    I am looking to purchase 2 ton and 1.5 ton hot and cold A/C which is the best buy for North India for quality and separately for price and why?

    • RP

      Go For 2TR split AC with scroll compressor. Best option in todays date. its available with Blue Star, Carrier, Hitachi & Voltas.
      Scroll compressors are known for reliability , efficiency. Its silent & perfect for working in North high ambient temperature

  • Yash

    Hi All,

    I need to purchase an AC. my budget is around 30-35K.
    I am bit confused in 1 and 1.5 ton split AC’s.
    I have searched all d websites but never reached to d perfect conclusions. some says LG’s are best, come says Voltas, some says CARRIER’s ar good. Have no idea about HITACHI and DAIKIN AC’s.
    How about Samsung no body rates Samsung AC’s nor even PANASONIC.
    I am very much confused on which brand to suggest.
    Please do suggest me a brand. I want Hassle free service. Reside in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
    Thanks for reading.

    • living advisor

      1. You will get a good AC in 30-35000 budget
      2. Go for the higher rated AC if there is confusion. Power consumption will not be of difference as higher rated AC will remain switched off for long intervals of time.
      3. All the top brands have the similar quality so go for the one which provides better service. LG and carrier have an edge above Samsung and Voltas respectively.
      4. Samsung is not much successful in AC segment as compared to LG (comparing market share)
      5. Check who provides better service and go for that. Ask your local friend for feedback

  • Navjot


    I want to know which 1.5 ton ac out of 5 star series or inverter series will consume less energy in %age if run for 8-10 hrs during night in harsh temperatures in punjab. 2nd if inverter series ac’s work better in harsh temp. conditions of punjab. 3rd because of harsh temperatures will the life of pcb on the outer panel get affected in punjab

  • Navjot

    I am confused about which 1.5 ton ac to buy out of mitsubishi heavy or daikin in 5 star or inverter series and 2nd which ac is better out of mitsubishi heavy and mitsubishi electric

  • Navjot

    The inverter split ac work all through without switching off at less amperes but will it suffer breakdown due to overload when compared to normal split ac

  • raj

    Anybody knows about vestar split A/C? . Even though it’s from etastar group, am not aware of this product. so pls suggest

    • living advisor

      this is a relatively new product. Now days all the vendors have typically the same product quality. Go for the one which provides good service.

  • guljeet

    i want to buy 1.5 ton split AC …which brand should i go ….plz also tell me about YORK brand is is good or not?

  • shailesh

    i want to buy a 1.5 ton window ac. my budget is 25k. which is the best option for me.plz suggest me. onida,voltas,llyod,carrier, lg,samsung.thanks

  • Tapan

    Hi. I want to buy the best ac for my drawing room which is v big in size an bed room. Invertor technology no probs of budget no matter how mch expensive. Can any one suggest the best brand in fastest and most coolin a. C we live in kutch and temp here is near 50degrees every afternoon in summer

  • sushil

    What about Videocon ? No one discussed this brand for A/C :)

  • dhaval suthar

    i recommend for HITACHI for its batter service and customer satisfaction, and good responce for customer complains, and about performance its much batter with low noise level

  • Manu

    I am planning to purchase small AC for my bedroom I want something economical but with good features, so something that does it the job but also save money…… please advice
    (Note: – I have seen some really small AC I think it was less than a Ton)

  • Grvt

    Hello experts,
    I live on ground floor was planning to buy a spkit fr my drawing room I am littlr bit confused
    Between voltas and o general can u please suggest me whether it is worth spending 3 to 4 k
    Extra on o general or should I prefer any other brand beside these two reading above.enquiries
    I found hitachi quite popular so is hitachi better than o general?? Please help me out

  • ankit khare

    i want to buy 1.5 ton split ac 5 star. my range is 35k-40k. tell me which brand is good hitachi, lg, voltas performance wise & eco friendly wise . i belongs to lucknow region

  • Joan berry

    Please comment on Toshiba a.c.

  • Gurjeet Singh


    I am planning to buy an AC for personal use and I think about few brands in Market in 1.5 Ton Category. My first Preference is Panasonic then Hitachi after that Mistubushi, Sharp, Daikin etc in 3 to 5 Star Category. Kindly suggest which is best suited in terms of overall (cost, cooling, less electricity consumption etc.).
    Pls suggest the best one.

  • pratik

    hye, what about the HAIER SPLIT AC BRAND which is the leader in chinese as welle as pakistan market. as a chinese brand it is not meant inferior,china sent there garbaze products to india which are inferior in quality. remember u all guys here that the chinese market is the largest market in the world where the haier brand dominates,in india it is new brand so it is unrecognizable.
    china sent there garbaze products to india which are inferior in quality

  • Amit

    Voltas is best among indian companies.It consumes less of electricity, noiseless and technologically superior. I use split ac and enjoy its soundless function and with its various other functions. It’s compressor is most powerful in comparison to other brands a.c.

    As far as voltas platinum 1.5 ton 5 star split a.c it has brilliant features like wise :
    The Platinum 5S Split AC from Voltas comes with a capacity of 1.5 tons and a 5 star rating for energy efficiency. It boasts of a rate cooling capacity of 5275 watts, which means it provides effective cooling to its users. There is an active carbon filter in this air conditioner that effectively removes organic compounds and odour in the air.

  • Aparna

    Hi all, buying an A.C. for my bedroom has really become taxing.Confused between daikin and Sharp.

  • vineet

    is the daikin invertor ac works in high temperature of Amritsar??


    please suggest me for 12*11*10 room size which is the best A/c in ton vise like 1, 1.2 , 15.5 ton & which brand is the best. my uses is only 4 to 5 hours in night & only for summer season. i am going to by Hitachi ACE Follow Me 1.2 TR – RAU514EUDA, is this good for me ???

  • zeeshn

    my room is 16*12*10.plz tell me tonage?? vetilation is average

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